argv parsing (that is actually useful)

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argv parsing (that is actually useful)


argvee is available on npm.
npm install argvee


The argvee argument parser takes the node.js standard process.argv array and constructs an object with helpers that can easily be queried. ```js import { parse } from 'argvee'; const argv = parse(process.argv); ``` When constructed, the argv collection recognizes three types command line arguments: commands, modes, and parameters.


Commands are the simplest of arguments. They are any arguments that are listed to that do not start with the - or -- prefix. Essentially, they are a list of keys. ```js // $ node cli.js hello universe argv.commands === 'hello', 'universe'; ```


Modes are also a non-value list of keys, but they can be expressed differently by using the - or -- prefix. When using modes, if it begins with a single -, each letter will be parsed as its own mode. ```js // $ node cli.js --universe -abc argv.modes === 'universe', 'a', 'b', 'c'; ```


Parameters are key:value pairs that are declared in a similiar manner as modes. They can be declared in any of the following ways. ```js // $ node cli.js --noun universe --noun=world -v say --topic=hello -w=now argv.params === {
noun: ['universe', 'world'],
v: ['say'],
topic: ['hello'],
w: ['now'],
}; ``` You can also specify parameters with multiple words by surrounding the phrase with double-quotes. ```js // $ node cli.js --say "hello universe" --say "hello world" argv.params === {
say: ['hello universe', 'hello world'],
}; ```


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