Asynchronous wrapper around zxcvbn

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Lightweight, asynchronous wrapper for zxcvbn. asdfgh is about 616 bytes min+gzip, it will only load zxcvbn (~200kb) when it's actually used.
Made for use in a browser either directly, or via a Node-style bundler such as Browserify or Webpack.


npm i asdfgh


import asdfgh from 'asdfgh';

async function checkPassphrase(pwd) {
  try {
    // check passphrase
    var result = await asdfgh(pwd);

    // do something with the results
  } catch(err) {

// must call before any password check
function changeAsdfghOptions() {
  // default values used

  // url to load zxcvbn from
  const url = "";

  // integrity parameter for script element
  const integritySRI = "sha256-Znf8FdJF85f1LV0JmPOob5qudSrns8pLPZ6qkd/+F0o=";

  // max time to wait for zxcvbn before timing out
  const timeout = 5000;

  asdfgh.setDefaults(url, integritySRI, timeoutMS);


  • asdfgh(passphrase, user_inputs) - exports a function which is a promisified wrapper for zxcvbn
arguments: see zxcvbn
  • asdfgh.setDefaults(url, integritySRI, timeoutMS)
Must be called before any passphrase checks are started default:
* version: 4.4.2
* from [cdnjs/cloudflare](
url (default cloudflare/cdnjs) is the location of the zxcvbn.js to load integritySRI optional integrity SRI for script element timeoutMS optional milliseconds to wait for zxcvbn to load before timing out
## License
MIT License