A Jetpack module for using IndexedDB, based on the localForage API

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Async Storage for Jetpack Build Status
This is a module for Mozilla's Addon-SDK that simplifies using IndexedDB in Firefox extensions, based on the localForage library.


The Add-on SDK supports loading modules from a nodemodules directory via the jpm tool, so if you're using jpm all you need to do is this:
npm install --save jp-async-storage
If you're using cfx instead ( upgrade! upgrade!
) you can just to this:
cd <extension folder>/lib


let { AsyncStorage } = require("async-storage");

let config = {
  name: 'my-database',
  version: 1
};, function(e, r) {
  if (e) throw e;
  let item = {_id: 1, string: "Hello world"};
  AsyncStorage.setItem('key-'+item._id, item, function() {
    if (e) throw e;
    // if you got this far, you probably saved data!

Supported API

The localForage api is supported:
  • setItem
  • getItem
  • removeItem
  • getItems
  • keys
  • key
  • length
  • clear

There are two main differences:
  1. Promises are not supported, only callbacks
  2. callback arguments are node-style: the first argument is an error, and the second is hopefully your data.


First install jpm with npm install jpm -g, then run jpm test -b nightly -v with Firefox Nightly installed.


  • look into using Promises
  • consider using a Promise-based initialization method like localForage does with a bit more magic.