A fork of At.js. **An autocompletion library to autocomplete mentions, smileys etc. just like on Github!** [![Build Status](](

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This fork of At.js has a locale aware lowerCase() function that can handle non-ascii chars that languages like Turkish contains, like çöğüşıÇÖĞÜŞİ And JavaScript development is continues on the non-minified JavaScript file found in dist directory. Coffee files found in src is not used as src to build anything An autocompletion library to autocomplete mentions, smileys etc. just like on Github! Build Status


At.js now depends on Caret.js. Please read for more details if you are going to update to new version.




  • textarea - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE7+ (maybe IE6)
  • contentEditable - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9+

Features Preview

  • Support IE 7+ for textarea.
  • Can listen to any character and not just '@'. Can set up multiple listeners for different characters with different behavior and data
  • Listener events can be bound to multiple inputors.
  • Format returned data using templates
  • Keyboard controls in addition to mouse
- `Tab` or `Enter` keys select the value
- `Up` and `Down` navigate between values (and `Ctrl-P` and `Ctrl-N` also)
- `Right` and `left` will re-search the keyword.
  • Custom data handlers and template renderers using a group of configurable callbacks
  • Supports AMD


  • jQuery >= 1.7.0.
(You can use `Component` or `Bower` to install it.)

Integrating with your Application

Simply include the following files in your HTML and you are good to go. ```html ``` ```javascript $('#inputor').atwho({
at: "@",
data:['Peter', 'Tom', 'Anne']
}) ```

Bower & Component

For installing using Bower you can use jquery.atwho and for Component please use ichord/At.js.


You can include At.js in your Rails application using the gem jquery-atwho-rails.

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