Translates pseudo-drives into absolute paths for Atom.

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A utility library for Atom for resolving relative links into special folders such as the installation directory or the user's home directory. This uses a special "pseudo drive" prefix on the directory to translate into an absolute path.
Prefix | Location -------------- | ------------------------------------------------ application: | The directory the application is installed into. home: | The current user's home directory. ~ | Same as home:. config: | The configuration folder. desktop: | The user's desktop. documents: | The user's documents (My Documents) folder. downloads: | The user's download folder. project: | Only used with getProjectPath(), gets the project root relative to the given buffer.
The above prefixes are case-insensitive and strip out dashes so APPDATA:, appdata: and app-data: all resolve to the application data directory. This is to make it more tolerant toward non-technical users entering data.
Any leading slashes (/) after the colon (or ~) will be stripped off and the remaining path will be treated as a file relative to that location. For example, on Unix, home:etc/dictionaries would resolve to $HOME/etc/dictionaries. home:/etc/dictionaries and home://etc/dictionaries resolve to the same path.
Absolute paths are passed in. If a relative path is given, either by prefixing with a ./ or not having a leading slash or drive, then relatively to the current working drive will be used.


getPath(spec) ⇒ string

Returns an absolute path from the given spec.
Param | Type | Description ----- | -------- | ------------ spec | string | A path specifier which may be an absolute, pseudo-drive, or relative path. |