Standalone CSS Selector Finder and Parser.

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This fork exists solely to prevent the parser from infinitely looping when an invalid expression is parsed such as:
Slick is a standalone selector engine that is totally slick. Slick is split in 2 components: the Finder and the Parser. The Finder's job is to find nodes on a webpage, the Parser's job is to create a javascript object representation of any css selector.
Slick allows you to:
Create your own custom pseudo-classes Use the Parser by itself. Find nodes in XML documents.

The Finder

Find nodes in the DOM

search context for selector

Search this context for any nodes that match this selector.
  • selector: String or SelectorObject
  • (optional) context: document or node or array of documents or nodes
  • (optional) append: Array or Object with a push method

Returns: append argument or Array of 0 or more nodes"#foo > bar.baz") → [<bar>, <bar>, <bar>]"li > a", [<ol>, <ul>]) → [<a>, <a>, <a>]"#foo > bar.baz", document, []) → [<bar>, <bar>, <bar>]

find first in context with selector or null

Find the first node in document that matches selector or null if none are found.
  • selector: String or SelectorObject
  • (optional) context: document or node or array of documents or nodes

Returns: Element or null
slick.find("#foo > bar.baz") → <bar>
slick.find("#does-not-exist", node) → null

node matches selector?

Does this node match this selector?
  • node
  • node, String or SelectorObject

Returns: true or false
slick.matches(<div class=rocks>, "") → true
slick.matches(<div class=lame>, "") → false
slick.matches(<div class=lame>, <div class=rocks>) → false

context contains node?

Does this context contain this node? Is the context a parent of this node?
  • context: document or node
  • node: node

Returns: true or false
slick.contains(<ul>, <li>) → true
slick.contains(<body>, <html>) → false

The Parser

Parse a CSS selector string into a JavaScript object

parse selector into object

Parse a CSS Selector String into a Selector Object.
Expects: String
Returns: SelectorObject
slick.parse("#foo > bar.baz") → SelectorObject


#foo > bar.baz

	{ "combinator":" ", "tag":"*", "id":"foo" },
	{ "combinator":">", "tag":"bar", "classList": ["baz"], "classes": [{"value":"baz", "match": RegExp }]}

h1, h2, ul > li, .things

	[{ "combinator":" ", "tag": "h1" }],
	[{ "combinator":" ", "tag": "h2" }],
	[{ "combinator":" ", "tag": "ul" }, { "combinator": ">", "tag": "li" }],
	[{ "combinator":" ", "tag": "*", "classList": ["things"], "classes": [{"value": "things", "match": RegExp }] }]