Stream audio buffer or array buffer

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Build Status stable Create audio stream from AudioBuffer or ArrayBuffer.


npm install audio-source

As a function

Audio-source in functional style is a sync source. ```js const createSource = require('audio-source'); const createSpeaker = require('audio-speaker/direct'); const lena = require('audio-lena/buffer'); let read = Source(lena, {channels: 1}); let write = Speaker({channels: 1}); //create and start reading loop (function again (err, buf) {
//get next chunk
buf = read(buf);
//catch end
if (!buf) return;
//send chunk to speaker
write(buf, again);
})(); ```

As a pull-stream

Pull-streams are awesome and faster than streams (but slower than plain fn). ```js const pull = require('pull-stream/pull'); const Source = require('audio-source/pull'); const Speaker = require('audio-speaker/pull'); const lena = require('audio-lena/buffer'); let source = Source(lena, {channels: 1}); let sink = Speaker({channels: 1}); pull(source, sink); ```

As a stream

Streams are concise: ```js const Source = require('audio-source/stream'); const Speaker = require('audio-speaker/stream'); const lena = require('audio-lena/buffer'); Source(lena).pipe(Speaker()); ```


```js const Source = require('audio-source'); //create source reader let read = Source(audioBuffer, {channels: 2, loop: false}?, endCallback?); //get next chunk of audio data let chunk = read(); //dispose stream read.end(); ```


web-audio-stream — connect WebAudio to audio-stream or audio-stream to WebAudio.