Output audio data to speaker in browser/node

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Output audio stream to speaker in node or browser. npm install audio-speaker

Use as a stream

```js var Speaker = require('audio-speaker/stream'); var Generator = require('audio-generator/stream'); Generator(function (time) {
//panned unisson effect
var τ = Math.PI * 2;
return [Math.sin(τ * time * 441), Math.sin(τ * time * 439)];
}) .pipe(Speaker({
//PCM input format defaults, optional.
//channels: 2,
//sampleRate: 44100,
//byteOrder: 'LE',
//bitDepth: 16,
//signed: true,
//float: false,
//interleaved: true,
})); ```

Use as a pull-stream

```js const pull = require('pull-stream/pull'); const speaker = require('audio-speaker/pull'); const osc = require('audio-oscillator/pull'); pull(osc({frequency: 440}), speaker()); ```

Use directly

Speaker is async-sink with fn(data, cb) notation. ```js const createSpeaker = require('audio-speaker'); const createGenerator = require('audio-generator'); let output = createSpeaker(); let generate = createGenerator(t => Math.sin(t Math.PI 2 440)); (function loop (err, buf) {
let buffer = generate();
output(buffer, loop);
})(); ```


web-audio-stream — stream data to web-audio.
audio-through — universal stream for processing audio.
node-speaker — output pcm stream to speaker in node.
audio-feeder — cross-browser speaker for pcm data.