AudioWorklet polyfill using the legacy ScriptProcessor API.

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AudioWorklet Polyfill

AudioWorklet Polyfill
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1kB polyfill for AudioWorklet.

audioworklet-polyfill is a tiny JavaScript library that brings AudioWorklet support to all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. It uses ScriptProcessorNode under the hood, and runs your Worklet code in an isolated scope on the main thread (read why).
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New to AudioWorklet? Check out this great Introduction and Demos or the AudioWorklet Examples.


<script src="audioworklet-polyfill.js"></script>
<!-- or: -->
<script src=""></script>

Or with a bundler:
import 'audioworklet-polyfill';

... or with ES Modules on the web:


  • Improve support for custom parameters

Why are Worklets emulated on the main thread?

This polyfill is intended to be a bridging solution until AudioWorklet is implemented across all browsers. It's an improvement over ScriptProcessorNode even though that's what it uses under the hood, because code written using this polyfill is forwards-compatible: as native support improves, your application improves. This polyfill offers a simple, future-proof alternative to ScriptProcessorNode without introducing Workers or relying on shared memory.

Similar Libraries

@jariseon has implemented a similar polyfill that uses Web Workers for audio processing.


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