The minimal set of polyfills that the Aurelia platform needs to run on ES5 browsers.

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This library is part of the Aurelia platform and provides the minimal set of polyfills the platform needs to run on evergreen browsers.
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Polyfills included:

  • Array.from
  • Array.prototype.find
  • Array.prototype.findIndex
  • Array.prototype.includes
  • Map
  • Number.isFinite
  • Number.isNaN
  • Object.assign
  • Object.getOwnPropertySymbols
  • Reflect.construct
  • Reflect.defineMetadata
  • Reflect.defineProperty
  • Reflect.getOwnMetadata
  • Reflect.metadata
  • Reflect.ownKeys
  • Set
  • String.prototype.endsWith
  • String.prototype.startsWith
  • Symbol
  • WeakMap
  • WeakSet