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node-authy Dependency Status
Authy and Verify API Client for Node.js written by Adam Baldwin.


npm install authy

When in doubt check out the official Authy and Verify docs.


Requiring node-authy

var authy = require('authy')('APIKEY');

Send OneTouch

OneTouch API docs are the source of truth. sendapprovalrequest(id,userpayload,hiddendetails,logos,callback)
authy.send_approval_request('1337', user_payload, [hidden_details], [logos], function (err, res) {
    // res = {"approval_request":{"uuid":"########-####-####-####-############"},"success":true}

  • id is the Authy id.
  • userpayload: { 'message': 'user message here', 'details': {...} }
  • hiddendetails: optional
  • logos: optional

Check Approval Status

checkapprovalstatus (uuid,callback)
authy.check_approval_status(uuid, function(err, res) {
    res = {
      "approval_request": {
        "_app_name": YOUR_APP_NAME,
        "_app_serial_id": APP_SERIAL_ID,
        "_authy_id": AUTHY_ID,
        "_id": INTERNAL_ID,
        "_user_email": EMAIL_ID,
        "app_id": APP_ID,
        "created_at": TIME_STAMP,
        "notified": false,
        "processed_at": null,
        "seconds_to_expire": 600,
        "status": 'pending',
        "updated_at": TIME_STAMP,
        "user_id": USER_ID,
        "uuid": UUID
      "success": true

Register New User

User API Information
registeruser(email, cellphone, countrycode, sendinstalllinkviasms, callback);
authy.register_user('', '509-555-1212', function (err, res) {
    // res = {user: {id: 1337}} where 1337 = ID given to use, store this someplace

If not given, country_code defaults to "1" and send_install_link_via_sms defaults to true.

Verify Token

verify(id, token, force, callback);
authy.verify('1337', '0000000', function (err, res) {


Request SMS

requestsms(id, force, callback);
authy.request_sms('1337', function (err, res) {


requestcall(id, force, callback);
authy.request_call('1337', function (err, res) {


Delete Registered User

deleteuser(id, callback);
authy.delete_user('1337', function (err, res) {


Get Registered User Status

status(id, callback);
authy.user_status('1337', function (err, res) {


Start Phone Verification

Browse the API docs for all available params.
phones().verificationstart(phonenumber, countrycode, params, callback);
authy.phones().verification_start('111-111-1111', '1', { via: 'sms', locale: 'en', code_length: '6' }, function(err, res) {


The params argument is optional and sets 'sms' as the default via, leaving the other two options blank.

Check Phone Verification

Browse the API docs
for all available params.
phones().verificationcheck(phonenumber, countrycode, verificationcode, callback);
authy.phones().verification_check('111-111-1111', '1', '0000', function (err, res) {


Status of Phone Verification

Browse the API docs for all available params.
phones().verificationstatus(phonenumber, countrycode, callback);
authy.phones().verification_status('111-111-1111', '1', function (err, res) {