Automatically updates your client version when is outdated by the repository

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Build StatusDependencies Node.js auto-update plugin. Compares local package.json with repository package.json and if versions don't match, it downloads the latest zip and extracts it.
With npm do:
$ npm install auto-updater
What does it do?
Compares local version with remote version. If versions don't match, it downloads the repository. It extracts the repository, overwriting the modified files. Compares local dependencies with remote dependencies and tells if they don't match.
git-clone The user has a git clone. Recommend use the "git pull" command check.up-to-date ( v ) versions match check.out-dated ( v_old , v) versions dont match update.downloaded Update downloaded in the machine update.not-installed Update was already in the dir, so it wasnt installed update.extracted The update has been extracted correctly. download.start ( name ) The download of "name of the update" has started download.progress ( name , % ) The download has been updated. New percentage download.end ( name ) The download has ended download.error ( err ) Something happened to the download end Called when all is over ( along with 'check-up-to-date' if there are no updates, or with 'extracted' if it was installed )
Public Methods:
use ( config ) on ( event, callback ) Sets the events (use like EventEmitter) fire ( command ) Fires a command


pathToJson: '' from repo main folder to package.json (only subfolders. Can't go backwards) autoupdate: false if true, all stages run one after the other. Else, you need to force the stages with the force methods checkgit: true Checks if the .git folder exists, so its a dev and doesnt download the proyect. jsonhost: '' URL of raw remote package.json contenthost: '' URL of full remote zip progressDebounce: 0 Debounces the 'download.progress' event (0 = disabled) devmode: false Developer Mode. Enhances error messages using console.log


check Compares the two versions. Triggers: 'git-clone', 'check.up-to-date', 'check.out-dated' download-update Downloads the update. Triggers: 'update.downloaded', 'update.not-installed','download.' extract Extracts (or installs) the update reeplacing old files (it doesnt delete untracked files). Triggers: 'update.extracted' diff-dependencies Returns an array of dependencies (only the names) that dont match. Returns an empty array if there's no difference. Requires the 'check' command first. Warning: do not run this methods in other order.
Package.json configuration
That segment must be added to the proyect (local). It is critical that the package.json of the app you are using has a version field (so it can be compared with the remote package.json stored on github), and the auto-updater field, so it knows where to get the remote data.
var AutoUpdater = require('auto-updater');
var autoupdater = new AutoUpdater({
pathToJson: '',
autoupdate: false,
checkgit: true,
jsonhost: '',
contenthost: '',
progressDebounce: 0,
devmode: false
// State the events
autoupdater.on('git-clone', function() {
console.log("You have a clone of the repository. Use 'git pull' to be up-to-date");
autoupdater.on('check.up-to-date', function(v) {"You have the latest version: " + v);
autoupdater.on('check.out-dated', function(v_old, v) {
console.warn("Your version is outdated. " + v_old + " of " + v);'download-update'); // If autoupdate: false, you'll have to do this manually.
// Maybe ask if the'd like to download the update.
autoupdater.on('update.downloaded', function() {
console.log("Update downloaded and ready for install");'extract'); // If autoupdate: false, you'll have to do this manually.
autoupdater.on('update.not-installed', function() {
console.log("The Update was already in your folder! It's read for install");'extract'); // If autoupdate: false, you'll have to do this manually.
autoupdater.on('update.extracted', function() {
console.log("Update extracted successfully!");
console.warn("RESTART THE APP!");
autoupdater.on('download.start', function(name) {
console.log("Starting downloading: " + name);
autoupdater.on('download.progress', function(name, perc) {
process.stdout.write("Downloading " + perc + "% \033[0G");
autoupdater.on('download.end', function(name) {
console.log("Downloaded " + name);
autoupdater.on('download.error', function(err) {
console.error("Error when downloading: " + err);
autoupdater.on('end', function() {
console.log("The app is ready to function");
autoupdater.on('error', function(name, e) {
console.error(name, e);
// Start checking'check');
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