Simple curl-like utility with request signing support for AWS Elasticsearch

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Simple curl-like utility with V4 request signing support for AWS Elasticsearch Service.


npm install aws-es-curl -g


  • Make sure your Elasticsearch domain is configured with access policy template "Allow or deny access to one or more AWS accounts or IAM users".
  • Make sure your IAM credentials are discoverable:
via environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY via aws-cli authentication profile (defaults to profile default) via instance profile on EC2 instance (with IAM role granting access to ES domain)


aws-es-curl tries to figure out right set of credentials to use automatically. If credentials are not set through env variables, nor authentication profile is specified, it tries to fetch credentials from EC2 metadata service. This causes unneeded delay on development environment when default settings are used, because metadata call will fail after couple of attempts. If this is a problem, just specify profile or credentials via environment and the call will be skipped.
Simple search from AWS Elasticsearch domain.
$ aws-es-curl -X GET

Specify local AWS CLI profile via AWS_PROFILE environment variable or using --profile <profile_name> option.
$ aws-es-curl --profile another-local-aws-profile
$ AWS_PROFILE=another-local-aws-profile aws-es-curl

Pipe queries to ElasticSearch.
$ echo '{ "size": 0, "aggs": { "types": { "term": { "field": "_type" } } } }' | aws-es-curl -X POST