A node module for interacting with Amazon S3. All functions use Bluebird promises

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A node module for interacting with Amazon S3. All functions use Bluebird promises.


npm install aws-s3-promisified


Option 1: environmental variables.
Set AWSACCESSKEYID and AWSSECRETACCESSKEY as environment variables, then Node will configure AWS automatically.
var aws = require('aws-s3-promisified')();
Option 2: set environment variables manually
var aws = require('aws-s3-promisified')({
    accessKeyId: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
    secretAccessKey: AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

All these functions return a Bluebird promise.
// Upload a file to S3
aws.putFile(bucket, key, filepath);

// Download a file from S3 and save it locally
aws.saveObjectToFile(bucket, key, filepath);

// Get a URL for a file on S3 taht will expire in 8 hours
var url = aws.getSignedURL(bucket, key);

// Get a ReadStream for a file on S3
var readstream = aws.getObject(bucket, key);

// List all the objects in a bucket

// List all the objects in a bucket starting with a specific prefix:
aws.listObjects(bucket, prefix);

// Delete a file from S3
aws.deleteObject(bucket, key);

// Put a Buffer, streamObject or string on S3
aws.putObject(bucket, key, body, contentLength);

// Copy an object on S3 from one location to another
aws.copyObject(srcBucket, srcKey, dstBucket, dstKey);


These tests will store data on S3, they aren't just stubs. AWSACCESSKEYID and AWSSECRETACCESSKEY environment variables must be defined.
npm test