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Axis is a large and robust css utility library built on top of stylus.


You can install axis through npm, as such:
npm install axis --save


You can find full documentation for axis here. This includes usage instructions for integration with gulp, grunt, express, and more, as well as detailed and permalink-able documentation for each mixin that axis offers.

Library Size

Some people have expressed concern that axis is too large of a library and they would prefer a smaller one, where they use a higher percentage of the mixins offered. But since axis is a mixin library, it actually adds zero size to your code. That's right, when you include axis and compile it, not a single character is added to your code.
The only time it adds anything are when you use its mixins, which are engineered carefully to be as slim and concise as possible, and only use spec-compliant css3. This means that you can make axis' entire library of utilities available for free, use only what you like, and almost certainly add up with less code than if you wrote it yourself. Good deal, right?

Browser Prefixing

Axis does not include any cross-browser code at all, only pure css3 as defined by the official spec. If you want your code to work better across browsers, we would recommend that you use autoprefixer, a library that is extraordinarily good at ensuring your css works correctly in the range of browsers you need it to.