A pure ES6/ES2015 polyfill for Babel that only includes standardised features

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A pure ES6 polyfill for Babel that only includes standardised features


You may prefer to use this polyfill if:
  • your browser-support baseline only includes modern browsers that implement ES5 completely, so you have no need for an ES5 polyfill
  • you'd rather use only language features that are on the standards track (e.g. no window.setImmediate)
  • you'd rather not use language features that are still in proposal state, and are quite likely to change


$ npm install babel-es6-polyfill --save

How to use the Polyfill

This polyfill is intended for browser usage only. The browser-polyfill.js provided by babel-es6-polyfill should be used instead of the browser-polyfill.js file you'd ordinarily use from babel-core. Usage details are the same as Babel's Usage in Browser docs:
This needs to be included before all your compiled Babel code. You can either prepend it to your compiled code or include it in a <script> before it.