**babel-jscs** allows you to lint **ALL** valid Babel code with [JSCS]( Big thanks to @sebmck!

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babel-jscs allows you to lint ALL valid Babel code with JSCS. Big thanks to @sebmck!

This package will be used in jscs itself. The recommended way to use it is to use use the esnext option.

Usage: jscs . --esnext or add "esnext": true to your .jscsrc

Also check out the fantastic babel-eslint to lint using ESLint.

NOTE: Please note that this is experimental and may have numerous bugs. It has been run against ember.js and babel-core with no errors (at the moment).

Known Issues


If there's an issue, first check if you can reproduce with the regular parser (esprima) and the latest version of jscs and babel-jscs.

Include: jscs and babel-jscs version, code snippet/screenshot
  • See if the issue is a duplicate.
  • Check if the issue is reproducible with regular jscs.
  • Run jscs in --verbose mode to get the rule name(s) that have issues.

How does it work?

JSCS allows custom parsers. This is great but some of the syntax nodes that Babel supports aren't supported by JSCS. When using this plugin, JSCS is monkeypatched and your code is transformed into code that JSCS can understand. All location info such as line numbers, columns is also retained so you can track down errors with ease.



Since jscs 2.0 isn't released you will need to npm i jscs-dev/node-jscs#c5adeba

$ npm i -g jscs # global
$ npm i jscs # local


Example .jscsrc
  "esnext": true

Check out the JSCS docs for all possible rules.


$ jscs your-files-here
# if you didn't add esnext to your config
$ jscs your-files-here --esnext