Express/Connect middleware to pre-process requested JS files through Babel

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babel-middleware ================ Simple Express/Connect middleware to automatically transpile JavaScript files from ES2015+ to ES5 via Babel, and cache the results to memory or the file-system as desired. Usage ===== ```javascript var express = require('express'); var babel = require('babel-middleware'); var app = express(); app.use('/js/', babel({
srcPath: 'app/js',
cachePath: __dirname + '/_cache'
babelOptions: {
presets: ['es2015']
})); app.listen(3001); ``` Options =======

srcPath: '/path/to/js/'

An absolute or relative path to the input source. This option is required.

cachePath: '/path/to/cache/'|'memory'

Use either memory for an in-memory cache; or a path to the desired cache directory (it does not need to exist when the app starts). Default: memory

exclude: ['production/example/*.js']

An array of path globs to exclude from transpiling and caching. Returns the originally requested file. See Micromatch documentation for globbing examples. Exclusions do not match against srcPath. Default:

babelOptions: {}

An options object passed into babel.transformFile. See Babel documentation
for usage.

debug: true|false

Print debug output. Default: false LICENSE ======= Apache 2.0.