A Babel plugin to make re-export modules more compact

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Allows ES modules which just re-export contents of other modules to be more compact; saving you bytes over the wire.
This plugin is designed to work with loader.js, but could work with any AMD loader that supports a similar alias API.
Original discussion: ember-engines/ember-engines#265

What It Does

Given a re-export module:
// my-module.js
export { default } from 'their-module';

When using AMD, this would normally compile to something like:
define('my-module', ['exports', 'their-module'], function (exports, _theirModule) {
  'use strict';

  Object.defineProperty(exports, 'default', {
    enumerable: true,
    get: function get() {
      return _theirModule['default'];

Which is pretty verbose for a simple re-export. This plugin will rewrite the above to the following:
define.alias('their-module', 'my-module');