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This plugin generates code to define metadata for decorators.


If you run the plugin on the following input
class MyClass {

  method() {

it will modify the file to look like this:
class MyClass {
   /* ... */

Reflect.defineMetadata('decorated', ['field', 'method'], MyClass);
Reflect.defineMetadata('decorator', [{
  type: ClassDecorator,
  parameters: ['name']
}], MyClass);
Reflect.defineMetadata('decorator', [{
  type: FieldDecorator,
  parameters: []
}], MyClass, 'field');
Reflect.defineMetadata('decorator', [{
  type: MethodDecorator,
  parameters: []
}], MyClass, 'method');

Since the reflection API is still just a proposal at this time, you'll need a polyfill like core-js.
Then you can query the metadata:
const classMD = Reflect.getMetadata('decorator', MyClass);
  // { type: ClassDecorator, parameters: ['name'] }
const methodMD = Reflect.getMetadata('decorator', MyClass, 'method');
  // { type: MethodDecorator, parameters: [] }

Get Started

Install the plugin:
npm install babel-plugin-decorator-metadata --save-dev

And add the additional step to your .babelrc:
  "plugins": [

Important: Make sure to load the required polyfill (like core-js/es7/reflect from core-js) before you load any decorated class since they all require the global Reflect object.


The plugin will only add metadata for annotated classes, methods and fields; not for accessors.