Translates i18n tagged template literals based on a json configuration

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NPM i18n Tagged Template Literals


This babel plugin can be used to bake translations into your release build, to add predefined i18n configuration or to add i18n Tag global variables to your output. The i18n babel plugin can also be used to generate File Module Groups to group your translations by the file-path of the related JavaScript module. This can be very useful to keep track of the translations within your source code.


  • Add i18n global variables at build time
  • Inject module filenames into your source to group translations by module


```sh $ npm install babel-plugin-i18n-tag-translate --save-dev ```


In ```js i18nHello ${ name }, you have ${ amount }:c in your bank account.; ``` translation.json ```json {
"Hello ${0}, you have ${1} in your bank account.": "Sie haben ${1} auf Ihrem Bankkonto, ${0}."
} ``` Out ```js i18nSie haben ${ amount }:c auf Ihrem Bankkonto, ${ name }.; ```


Via .babelrc (Recommended)

.babelrc ```js { "plugins":
["i18n-tag-translate", {
"verbose": false, // Disable verbose logging
"translation": "./translations/",
"globalImport": true, // Adds import i18n, { i18nConfig, i18nGroup } from "es2015-i18n-tag"; to your modules
"groupDir": "./src", // Adds file group name to each module. e.g. const __translationGroup = "components/index.js";
"config": { // Adds i18nConfig({"locale": "en-US", "translations": { "key": "value" }, "number": { ... }, "date": { ... }}); to the output
"locales": "en-US",
"translations": { "key": "value" },
"number": { 
"date": { 
} ```
Note: You need to include es2015-i18n-tag in your exported script for i18n runtime support.
You can do this in the entry point of your javascript application or set globalImport flag to true.

Via Node API

```javascript require("babel-core").transform("code", { plugins:
["i18n-tag-translate", {
"translation": "./translations/"      
}); ```

Via Gulp

```javascript const gulp = require('gulp') const sourcemaps = require('gulp-sourcemaps') const source = require('vinyl-source-stream') const buffer = require('vinyl-buffer') const browserify = require('browserify') gulp.task('build-release-de', () => { // build a german release browserify('./src/index.js').transform('babelify', {
'presets': [
'plugins': [
['i18n-tag-translate', {
'translation': './translations/'
.on('error', function (err) { console.error(err); this.emit('end'); })
.pipe(sourcemaps.init({ loadMaps: true }))
}) ```


Run time translation and localization

  • es2015-i18n-tag: ES2015 template literal tag for i18n and l10n (translation and internationalization) using Intl npm version

Schema based translations

  • vscode-18n-tag-schema: Visual Studio Code Extension for JSON Schema based translation validation and tools Marketplace Version


Copyright (c) 2016 Steffen Kolmer This software is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file accompanying this software for terms of use.