Plugin for Babel which generates JSX intermediate representation

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Babel Plugin for generating JSX-IR


This plugin produces JSX-IR output of given JSX source. Main purpose of this plugin is to be used with ``jsx-runtime`` and one or more its renderers. But, of course, if could be used separately.


``npm install babel-plugin-jsx``


Basic usage look like this: ```js babel.transform(code, { plugins: 'babel-plugin-jsx', blacklist: 'react' }); ``` or any other way described here.

Advanced usage (options)

Because Babel does not supports direct providing options for plugins (yet), here are some tricks: First of all, you need to require "plugin-generator" which will generate for you plugin instance with specified options: ```js var jsx = require('babel-plugin-jsx/gen'); ``` Next you can generate plugin on the fly if you are using `babel-core` directly: ```js var jsx = require('babel-plugin-jsx/gen'); var babel = require('babel-core'); babel.transform(code, { plugins: jsx({
... // options goes here
, blacklist: 'react' }); ``` Or create special file in your package and use it as a module instead: ```js // my-local-plugin.js module.exports = require('babel-plugin-jsx/gen')({ ... // options goes here }); ``` then use it in other place like `index.js`: ```js babel.transform(code, { plugins: './my-local-plugin', blacklist: 'react' }); ```

Options and combinations

There is some number of options, first and main option is ``captureScope``:
  • ``captureScope` [boolean] - when enabled plugin looks for current scope to find same variables as JSX source tags. For example, this code <div></div> will produce { tag: 'div', ... } when capture is disabled and { tag: ['div', div], ...}` when capture is enabled -- plugin captures variable for feature use by runtime.
  • ``builtins` [Array<string>] - only has effect when captureScope is true`. This options allows number of built-ins tags so plugin won't need to look for when in the scope. Usage of this options assumes that renderer knows how to handle listed built-in tags. If this option is provided and used tag is not a built-in and it's not in the current scope when compilation error will be thrown.
  • ``throwOnMissing` [boolean] - only has effect when captureScope and builtins options are used simultaneously. By default this is true, setting it to false` means that plugin won't throw compilation error for missed tags, instead it will produce normal scope output and if variable is missing you will get an runtime error.


Example of input

<div className="list-wrap">
<ListItem index={ index } {... val } />

Example of output

```js ({ tag: "div", props: {
className: "box"
}, children: {
tag: "List",
props: null,
children: [{
tag: "div",
props: {
className: "list-wrap"
children: [{
tag: "ListItem",
props: _extends({
index: index
}, val),
children: null
}) ```