Babel plugin to rewrite the path in require() and ES6 import

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A babel plugin to rewrite (map, alias, resolve) directories as different directories during the Babel process. It's particularly useful when you have files you don't want to use with relative paths (especially in big projects).


Instead of using relative paths in your project, you'll be able to use an alias. Here an simple example:
// Instead of using this;
import MyUtilFn from '../../../../utils/MyUtilFn';
// Use that:
import MyUtilFn from 'utils/MyUtilFn';
With this plugin, you'll be able to map files or directories to the path you want.
Note: It also work for require().
Note 2: You can use the npm: prefix in your plugin configuration to map a node module.


Install the plugin
$ npm install --save-dev babel babel-plugin-module-alias

Specify the plugin in your .babelrc with the custom mapping.
  "plugins": [
    ["module-alias", [
      { "src": "./src/utils", "expose": "utils" },
      { "src": "./src/components", "expose": "awesome/components" },
      { "src": "npm:lodash", "expose": "underscore" }

If you're using eslint-plugin-importeslint-plugin-import, you should use eslint-import-resolver-babel-module-aliasresolver-module-alias to avoid having false errors.


MIT, see for details.