Babel preset for Node 6.x (ES6 / ES2015) without strict

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Babel 6.x presets for Node 6.x
Node 6.x comes with V8 v5.x which brings ~93% native ES6/ES2015 coverage. This preset for Babel 6 attempts to bridge the gap for the much of the remaining ~7% using Babel plug-ins. Based on Node.js v6.0.0


Babel 6.x is awesome, but simply including the ES2015 preset means you're transpiling features that your Node 6.x installation can already do faster and natively, replacing them with inferior / older code. This preset complements existing V8-native functionality - it doesn't work around it. The end result is nearly always a faster build and script execution time.

Included Plugins:


Install via NPM the usual way: npm i babel-preset-node6


Via .babelrc (recommended)

Create a .babelrc file in your project root, and include 'node5' in your preset path: ```js { "presets":
} ``` Now whenever you run babel-node, it will polyfill your app with the remaining ES2015 features that Node 6 is missing.


$ babel script.js --presets node6

Via Node API

If you don't want to use a project-wide .babelrc file (as above): ```js require("babel-core").transform("code", { presets: "node6" }); ``` And if you do, and you want to use vanilla node instead of babel-node as your CLI, you can create an entry script that references your pre-transpiled code like so: ```js require('babel-register'); require('path/to/es6/script'); ``` ... which will then run everywhere Node can. Of course, make sure to npm i -S babel-core or npm i -S babel-register respectively, to grab the NPM packages you'll need to transpile on-the-fly.

Webpack, Gulp, Browserify, etc

Follow vendor instructions and include node6 in your babel "preset" list.

How to add React support

Babel has a ready-made preset for React, and you now need to install it separately. Just grab it via NPM: npm i babel-preset-react And then add it to your "presets" list in .babelrc: ```js { "presets":
} ```


Forked and updated from @leebenson's node5 preset.