Babel preset for Node 7.x

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Note: DEPRECATED. Please use babel-preset-env instead.
This package is no longer the recommended way to polyfill with Babel. The new best practice is to use babel-preset-env.
Babel 6.x presets for Node 7.x (updated regularly!)
Node 7.x brings ~99% native ES6/ES2015 coverage.
This preset for Babel 6 attempts to bridge the gap for the remaining 1%.


Babel 6.x is awesome, but simply including the ES2015 preset means you're transpiling features that your Node 5.x installation can already do faster and natively, replacing them with inferior / old code.
This preset complements existing V8-native functionality - it doesn't work around it.
The end result is nearly always a faster build and script execution time.

Key features:

Usage instructions


Install via NPM the usual way:
npm i babel-preset-node7


Via .babelrc (recommended)

Create a .babelrc file in your project root, and include 'node7' in your preset path:
  "presets": [

Now whenever you run babel-node, it will polyfill your app with the ES2015 features that Node is missing.


$ babel script.js --presets node7

Via Node API

If you don't want to use a project-wide .babelrc file (as above):
require("babel-core").transform("code", {
  presets: ["node7"]

And if you do, and you want to use vanilla node instead of babel-node as your CLI, you can create an entry script that references your pre-transpiled code like so:

... which will then run everywhere Node can.
Of course, make sure to npm i -S babel-core or npm i -S babel-register respectively, to grab the NPM packages you'll need to transpile on-the-fly.

Webpack, Gulp, Browserify, etc

Follow vendor instructions and include node7 in your babel "preset" list.

How to add React support

Babel has a ready-made preset for React, and you now need to install it separately.
Just grab it via NPM:
npm i babel-preset-react
And then add it to your "presets" list in .babelrc:
  "presets": [

How to use async/await

This preset does not ship with async/await transforms, because Node 7.x now supports them natively.
Simply pass the --harmony-async-await flag to Node on start-up.