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Backbone localStorage Backend
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An adapter that replaces Backbone.sync to save to window.localStorage instead of to the server.
Note Backbone LocalStorage v2 changes the API to work more with ES6 modules. See Upgrade Notes for more details.


Import backbone.localstorage and attach it to your models and collections:
import {Collection, Model} from 'backbone';
import {LocalStorage} from 'backbone.localstorage';

const SomeCollection = Collection.extend({

  localStorage: new LocalStorage('SomeCollection'), // Uniquely identify this


const SomeModel = Model.extend({

  localStorage: new LocalStorage('SomeModel')


To synchronise with the server, you can pass the ajaxSync flag to any options:
const myModel = new SomeModel();
  ajaxSync: true  // Fetches from the server
  new: "value"
}, {
  ajaxSync: true  // Pushes back to the server

Upgrade Notes

Backbone LocalStorage is now built using ES6. It should be fully compatible with v1 with one difference: Instead of exporting the LocalStorage class as a default module, v2 exports it as a named variable. Below are examples covering the changes:

JavaScript ES5

In v1:
var LocalStorage = require('backbone.localstorage');

In v2:
var localStorage = require('backbone.localstorage');
var LocalStorage = localStorage.LocalStorage;

JavaScript ES6+

In v1:
import LocalStorage from 'backbone.localstorage';

In v2:
import {LocalStorage} from 'backbone.localstorage';


Install NodeJS and run yarn or npm i to get your dependencies, then:
  1. Open an issue identifying the fault
  2. Provide a fix, with tests demonstrating the issue
  3. Run npm test
  4. Create a pull request