A plugin for Backbone.js that simplifies creating modals for your application.

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LOOKING FOR AN ACTIVE MAINTAINER: Because we're not using Backbone for any of our products anymore, we're not actively supporting this library. We'd rather have someone maintaining it that does use it actively in production.
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A plugin for Backbone.js that simplifies creating modals for your application.
Backbone.Modal.js removes boilerplate code and adds default behaviors and interactions. You can create a simple dialog modal or complex wizards with stacked modals on top of each other in a few lines of code.
bower install backbone-modal
For a complete overview of the documentation visit:

Bundled version

If you're using Backbone and Marionette.

Backbone.Modals.js and Backbone.Marionette.Modals.js separate

If you just want to use the Backbone version without Marionette.

CSS files

There's default style, and you can use our theme to make things look pretty.

How to contribute

To get started grunt to get everything running. If you have any requests, please create an issue. If you're working on something yourself, make a pull request and we'll make sure to check it out to get in into the next release.


When you run the project by doing grunt watch. This will watch the tests, src and example files. It will open up a browser with the tests on http://localhost:8000. When you head over http://localhost:5000, it will show the example that's defined in the

Legal stuff (MIT License)

Copyright (c) 2017 Awkward.
Distributed under MIT license.