A backgrid column manager. Adds the ability to show/hide columns.

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Manages the backgrid column collection. Adds the ability to toggle column visibility (initially and on the fly) and is able to track, save and load state (width, order and visibility). Online demo

Example usage

```javascript // Create column collection var columns = new Backgrid.Columns(...); var territories = new Backbone.Collection(...); // Initialize column manager var colManager = new Backgrid.Extension.ColumnManager(columns, {
initialColumnsVisible: 4,
// State settings
saveState: true,
loadStateOnInit: true
}); // Add control var colVisibilityControl = new Backgrid.Extension.ColumnManagerVisibilityControl({
columnManager: colManager
}); $("#control").append(colVisibilityControl.render().el); // Initialize a new Grid instance var grid = new Backgrid.Grid({
columns: columns,
collection: territories
}); // Render the grid $("#grid").append(grid.render().el); // Listen to state changes colManager.on("state-changed", function (state) {
console.log("state changed: ", state);
}); colManager.on("state-saved", function () {
console.log("state saved!");
}); ```


This project is originally developed by Wilbert van de Ridder and sponsored by Solodev.