TwentyTwenty component for React

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React TwentyTwenty
A TwentyTwenty component for React
npm install --save react-twentytwenty

Demo (with cats)

  • Images can be different sizes
  • Only uses valid CSS1, so works on older browsers
Doesn't use clip
  • Mobile Friendly
  <img src="left" />
  <img src="right" />


  • verticalAlign: One of 'top', 'middle', or 'bottom'
  • leftHorizontalAlign: One of 'left', 'center', or 'right'
  • rightHorizontalAlign: One of 'left', 'center', or 'right'


You can include a third child to be a slider. The slider is placed inside a zero-width, full height element, positioned to the correct left offset: basically just set height: 100% on your slider.
  <img src="left" />
  <img src="right" />
  <div className="slider" />

.slider {
  height: 100%;
  width: 1px;
  background: mediumaquamarine;


On mobile, we will only initiate sliding if it is clear the user is not trying to vertically scroll, and instead is trying to interact with the component. This is done ensuring the user moves a minimum distance, and looking at the angle.
The default values for these settings are minDistanceToBeginInteraction={15} and maxAngleToBeginInteraction={20}, but you can configure them as you wish. The angle is done in degrees, and looks like this (where the purple area is the angles that will start an interaction, and theta is maxAngleToBeginInteraction).
Angles demo
You can turn off this all together by setting the maxAngleToBeginInteraction to Infinity and the minDistanceToBeginInteraction to zero.