Super-tiny observable. That's literally all it is.

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Bad Behavior
Super-tiny observable. That's literally all it is. npm version gzip size

Why should I use this?

Sometimes RxJs feels like overkill. It is a wonderful library, but sometimes you need a little bit of reactivity, not a whole system of reactivity. This library is an approximation of the ``BehaviorSubject``, one of the most useful Observables out there. In truth, bad-behavior is nothing more than a fancy multi-cast event emitter.

How do I use it?

```js // if using NPM, import it, otherwise it should already be on window import BadBehavior from 'bad-behavior' // create a bad behavior let obs = BadBehavior() // subscribe to listen for new values let sub1 = obs.subscribe(s => { console.log(s) }) let sub2 = obs.subscribe(s => { console.error(s) }) // call next to publish a new value // unsubscribe to stop listening sub.unsubscribe() ```

Why did you build this?

I kept reusing this piece of code to build animation libraries, especially when building micro-libraries. I figured, why not share this little piece of code with everyone? Plus I got sick of copying and pasting it...


```bash npm i -S bad-behavior ``` OR ```html ```


``bad-behavior`` is licensed under the MIT license.