Detect potential file system conflicts and if necessary prompt the user before overwriting files.

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Detect potential file system conflicts and if necessary prompt the user before overwriting files.


Install with npm:
$ npm install --save base-fs-conflicts


Some of the logic in this plugin, in particular lib/diffs.js, is based on the conflicter code in yeoman-generator, Copyright (c) 2015, Google, licensed under BSD-2-Clause.


The following code should work with any base application, including verb, assemble, and generate.
var path = require('path');
var Base = require('base');
var fs = require('base-fs');
var conflicts = require('base-fs-conflicts');
var base = new Base();

// register the `conflicts` and `fs` plugins

// pass the same `dest` to both `.dest()` and `.conflicts()`
var dest = 'fixtures/dist';

  .pipe(base.conflicts(dest)) // adds a `.conflicts()` method

If a file conflict is detected, you'll see something like this in the terminal:
screen shot 2016-03-17 at 8 05 53 pm


  1. The existing file's contents is compared with file.contents on the vinyl file
  2. If the contents of both are identical, no action is taken
  3. If the contents differ, the user is prompted for action
  4. If no conflicting file exists, the vinyl file is written to the file system

  • dest {String}: The same desination directory passed to app.dest()
  • returns {String}


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