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Utility exports for beverage / gulp / workflow helpers. About half of the exports are rather generic. Especially prefquire which is a require that prefers local modules. It takes some options and returns a customized "require" function. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to extract it into its own repository / packaged module... It needs a few of the other be-goods exports though, which in turn are used by some of the other beverage modules, so perhaps it's just a bit of a "who cares"? It kind of enables peer-dependencies making a library lighter. It also gives one better control over the versions of modules being required. This is convenient for modules getting new features more independently and allows having more granular control of upgrades. For example:
var req = require('be-goods').prefquire({module: 'try-here-too'})
var aModule = req('a-module')

Trying to require a-module from:
  1. ./node_modules/a-module
  2. ./node_modules/try-here-too/node_modules/a-module

The path to try-here-too can be anywhere you please, by calling for example prefquire({locate: 'anywhere/try-here-too'}). There are a few more options available, see the source code for details.

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