:lipstick: adds prettier to an existing project with all bells and whistles-including husky, lint-staged

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:lipstick: adds prettier to an existing project with all bells and whistles-including husky and pretty-quick. Have you ever been bothered by all the steps you need to do in a legacy codebase to get prettier all set up? Well now you don't have to.


npm i be-pretty -g

Requires that you have npm/yarn and npx globally available. be pretty defaults to running npm, but if there is yarn.lock file it will use yarn.


When you are in an old codebase which needs to be pretty now, and stay pretty forever and ever execute be-pretty. An output looks like this:
  ✔ Installing prettier husky pretty-quick
  ✔ Copying custom .prettierrc
  ✔ Adding pretty-quick pre-commit to package.json
  ✔ Formatting whole repo

Now you should have everything ready to just commit&push.
You may skip formatting step with a flag --skipFormatting

Customize .prettierrc

by default, be-pretty creates this prettier config.
  "arrowParens": "always", // good for typescript/flow when you want to type your function arguments
  "singleQuote": true // IMHO better readability

if you want to customize this, just run be-pretty setDefault -p="/path/to/your/defaultPrettierRc". You can omit the path and if there is a prettierc file in the current working directory it will be used. be-pretty will use this as default from now on.

Format all

if you just want to reformat everything, you can call be-pretty formatAll

All Commands

be-pretty setDefault  sets a .prettierrc file as your default, if ommited
                         will look for the .prettierrc file in CWD[aliases: d]
be-pretty formatAll   formats everything excluding node_modules[aliases: f]
be-pretty run         run the series of commands to make a codebase pretty


Will this work for a newly added languages as well?

Yes, the list of supported file extensions is not hardcoded anywhere-format all just invokes prettier in the current folder and let's it format all supported extensions.