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Beard is an extremely pragmatic and utility-focused CSS framework. Actually, don't call it that.
Beard focuses on developer speed, maintenance, and ease-of-use, versus "pretty" markup.


Beard can be installed via NPM.
``$ npm install beardcss``

Adding Beard into your project

The Recommended Way

The best way to add Beard to your project is to copy the contents of beard/beard.scss to your main Sass file. This allows for the best source ordering. From there, we recommend adding your site styles between the "Objects" and "Helpers" sections, like so:
@import '../node_modules/beardcss/stylesheets/beard.before';

// Place custom spacing, color, and media query configuration here

// @include new-spacing-helper('0-5', 0.5);
// @include new-color('1--light', lighten($brand-color-1, 15%));
@include new-breakpoint(tablet, '(min-width: 600px)');

// Your site styles go here
// @import 'app'

@import '../node_modules/beardcss/stylesheets/beard.after';

Or…Just the Dead Simple Installation

Or you could just import it directly. We don't recommend it, but if you need something quick, go ahead! ``@import '../node_modules/beardcss/beard'``