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A bedrock module that provides capability to combine and minify web client resources using webpack.
bedrock-webpack autogenerates and runs a webpack configuration that will combine and minimize input resources into a single output resource.
bedrock-webpack is often coupled with bedrock-views and bedrock-vue to provide frontend UIs. It adds webpack specific commands for development and to the bedrock-views optimize command.


  • npm v3+

Quick Examples

In your main app, install the module and load it.
npm install --save bedrock-webpack


Now the bedrock-views optimize command will run the webpack optimization.


A bedrock command line option is available to allow defining build time constants with the webpack DefinePlugin.
  • Use --webpack-define NAME=VALUE. This can be used multiple times.
  • Check the name exists for optional constants.
  • The value is always a string.
  • These defines take precedence over other bedrock defines. For instance,
you can override process.env.NODE_ENV with this option.
node app.js --webpack-define MY_BOOL=true --wepack-define MY_JSON=false
if(typeof MY_BOOL !== 'undefined' && MY_BOOL === 'true') {
  const value = MY_BOOL;
  // ...
if(typeof MY_JSON !== 'undefined') {
  const value = JSON.parse(MY_JSON);
  // ...