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Bianco is a modern DOM helpers micro library
Why the hell?
Bianco is designed on the following main concepts that I was not able to find in any similar framework so far:
  • built in es2015 for es2015 projects
  • coded with standards targeting only modern browsers
  • modularity, bianco is totally designed in modules. Any bianco helper can be used alone without installing the whole framework
  • functional, in bianco we use only pure functions to let you build your software combining them however you want
  • size matters, any helper method tries to accomplish a specific functionality with the minimal amount of code
  • optimized for tree shacking and for build tools like rollup
  • readability & simplicity & elegance of the source code


import { $ } from 'bianco'
// or also
import $ from 'bianco.query'

const coolDivs = $('div').filter(d => d.classList.contains('cool'))


Bianco is build out on the top of many micro DOM helpers.
It's strongly recommended to install only the modules you really need


List of the bianco modules to create:
  • x
  • x bianco.query
  • x bianco.dom-to-array
  • x bianco.images-loader
  • x bianco.viewport
  • x bianco.force-reflow
  • x bianco.css
  • x bianco.attr
  • x bianco.pointer
  • bianco.cookie see cookie-js
  • bianco.monad or bianco.chain? see ruit
  • see erre
  • bianco.animate see animore
  • bianco.ajax (naa.. explain why fetch is better)
  • bianco.template (why? use es6 template strings instead!)