Allows you to specify a --bin flag for node

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This is the problem we're solving:
You've got an npm package that exposes a CLI, we'll call it sndwch and accepts some args:
sndwch --topping ham --topping cheese

But then someone decides they want to run that with node's --inspect-brk flag (or maybe --require flag, or any other node-based flag). So they have to do this:
node --inspect-brk ./node_modules/.bin/sndwch --topping ham --topping cheese

The problem is that doesn't work on windows, so now you have to do this:
node --inspect-brk ./node_modules/sndwch/bin.js --topping ham --topping cheese

But now the location of your binary file in your package is part of the API and if you ever decide to change how that works it's technically a breaking change.


People can install this package and then do this instead:
binode --inspect-brk -- sndwch --topping ham --topping cheese

Sometimes a package has a different binary name from the package name (like which calls it's binary node-which). There's no way to do a reverse-lookup of a binary to find the package for it, so you have to supply that by providing the package name along with the executable you want. Something like this:
binode --require ./mocks -- @remix-run/dev:remix dev

That's it..
Here's everything you need to know:
  • Everything on the left side of the -- is flags for node
  • The first thing after the -- is the binary you want to use
  • Everything after the binary you want to use is flags for that binary
  • If the package name and binary name are different, you must supply both after the -- by separating them by a : (for example: pkgName:binName).


npm install binode