A Node implementation for accessing the API.

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Blockchain API Library (Node, v1)
An official Node module for interacting with the API.

Getting Started

Installation via npm:
$ npm install --save

var blockchain = require('')


All functions in this module return a JavaScript promise for handling asynchronous actions.


This module consists of these submodules:
MyWallet - Interact with or create a Blockchain Wallet blockexplorer - View data for addresses, blocks, transactions, and more exchange - Get real-time bitcoin exchange rates pushtx - Push custom transactions Receive - Receive notifications for payments Socket - Live notifications for transactions and blocks statistics - Fetch historical blockchain data and statistics
You can access sub-modules from the properties of the imported main module, or by importing them individually.
Individual import:
var MyWallet = require('')

Property import:
var MyWallet = require('').MyWallet

Testnet Support

This library supports Testnet for the blockexplorer, pushtx, and Socket modules. You can find examples of how to use each in the specific modules README file.