Equivalent of webRequestBlocking for Manifest V3

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No, WBX3 is not usable as a dependency in npm. We've just published it as a package.

webRequestBlocking for Manifest V3

Extension Manifest V3 might have made webRequestBlocking a pain in the ass to migrate, but it isn't impossible to use.

How to use this

  1. Fork or clone the repo
  2. Go to /Extension/src/block.json
  3. In line 9, change to the domain you want to block.
  4. Finally, npm run build at /Extension/.
  5. Done! You now have a blocking extension in .zip, .xpi, and .crx format.
  6. Remember, if you're using this as production software, remember to sign the .CRX file (Go to chrome://extensions, enable Developer Mode, and use Pack Extension).

How this is done:

Using MV3 declarativeNetRequest rules, we can block requests.

Google's documentation:

  • Manifest:
  • Rules:
  • Example: