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:eyeglasses: Boiler Room Custodian
Because boilerplates need a little cleanup sometimes :honeybee:

:exclamation: :question: Why :question: :exclamation:

Simple :fullmoonwithface: There are lots of amazing boilerplates out there that do a great job of giving us what we need. They also often include minimal sample app code just so we can "see it run". What boiler-plate-custodian aims to do is have a way to use configuration to clean that all up when ready to start development on the project.

:bulb: What should this turn into? :bulb:

Ideally the best place for a cleanup configuration to be stored would be in the root directory of the boilerplate repositories themselves. Then have a little npm script that runs mop (the bin of boiler-plate-custodian). That way the boilerplate consumers would have a typical workflow of...
1. clone the boilerplate 2. run the boilerplate as-is viewing functionality/sample 3. run boiler-plate-custodian (i.e. npm run cleanup) 4. start development on minified project

:boom: (boilerplate maintainers) What should you do? :boom:

1. npm install --save-dev boiler-room-custodian 2. create setup.js
in the root dir of the boilerplate 3. note what it would take (files removed, added, modified) to remove unnecessary code/files 4. inject the item changes in the setup.js configuration 5. create an npm script i.e. "cleanup": "mop -v"

:pagefacingup: setup.js structure/sample :pagefacingup:

The below example uses a cleanup configuration for the extremely useful electron-react-boilerplate
Pull Request illustrating the code changes for this boilerplate

module.exports = {
  // remove the following files as they are mostly 
  // related to the sample counter page and functionality
  remove: [
    { file: 'app/actions/counter.js' },
    { file: 'app/components/Counter.css' },
    { file: 'app/components/Counter.js' },
    { file: 'app/containers/CounterPage.js' },
    { file: 'app/reducers/counter.js' },
    { file: 'test/actions/counter.spec.js' },
    { file: 'test/components/Counter.spec.js' },
    { file: 'test/containers/CounterPage.spec.js' },
    { file: 'test/reducers/counter.spec.js' },
    { file: '' },
    { file: 'erb-logo.png' }
  // clean the following files by either clearing them 
  // (by specifying {clear: true}) or by removing lines 
  // that match a regex pattern
  clean: [
      file: 'app/reducers/index.js',
      pattern: /counter/
      file: 'app/store/configureStore.development.js',
      pattern: /counterActions/
      file: 'app/',
      clear: true
      file: 'app/routes.js',
      pattern: /CounterPage/
      file: 'test/e2e.js',
      clear: true
      file: '',
      clear: true
      file: 'app/components/Home.js',
      pattern: /(h2|Link to)/
  // add the following files to the project, mostly 
  // related to .gitkeep for version control
  add: [
    { file: 'app/actions/.gitkeep' },
    { file: 'test/actions/.gitkeep' },
    { file: 'test/components/.gitkeep' },
    { file: 'test/containers/.gitkeep' },
    { file: 'test/reducers/.gitkeep' }