Boilerplate Template for GitHub use.

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Project Title - HTML Template

Intro - Boilerplate for on Github

Describe you project -> I hate to always "reinvent" on GitHub that is why I decided to make this Starter template. Also I prefer HTML syntax because I use HTML every day and it has some extra features like center the elements.

List of features

  • Beautiful Starter Template for
  • Key feature num. 2
  • Key feature num. 3
  • Key feature num. 4

Demo -> Show me what you got

Link to your awesome Demo
Another Link to your awesome Demo

Code Demo

We will use markdown for the Syntax Highlighting

  <li>Beautiful Starter Template for</li>
  <li>Key feature num. 2</li>
  <li>Key feature num. 3</li>
  <li>Key feature num. 4</li>

Download & Installation

$ npm i boilerplate-readme-template


Keep it simple. Keep it minimal. Don't put every single feature just because you can.

Authors or Acknowledgments

  • Vladimir Carrer


This project is licensed under the MIT License