Standalone version of Bootstrap's grid system

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Standalone version of Bootstrap 3 grid system. See the testtest.html file for a demo.
If you want to use the grid from Bootstrap 4 you should use Bootstrap directly. It includes a standalone versionbs-4-standalone of its grid system in its downloadable bundle and npm package so go ahead and use that instead of this package.


Bootstrap 3 contains a best of breed responsive grid system. It's useful without all the rest of Bootstrap. This project contains a standalone version of it with related utility classes.

How to use the grid system?

See Bootstrap's grid systemgrid and responsive utilitiesresponsive documentation.

How do I use this project?

You have several choices:
  1. Download the grid.css or grid.min.css file from the dist folder and
include it in your project.
  1. Install this package with npm and include/require grid.css or
`grid.min.css` directly from `node_modules`.
  1. If you are using webpack with css-loader you can just
  1. Any other way you can think of really.

The Bootstrap grid system expects the columns and containers to have box-sizing: border-box set. The grid.css file doesn't have that rule because it's set in Bootstrap's scaffolding.less file that also includes lot's of other modifications to global element styles. We could set the rule for you globally but a small library like this shouldn't include such things.
Because of this you must set it yourself using * { box-sizing: border-box; }. You can also set it separately for every Bootstrap class but that's not really fun...
You can check the testtest.html file for an example how to use and setup the grid.

What's included?

The following classes are included:
  • clearfix
  • container
  • container-fluid
  • row
  • All the col classes from col-xs-1 to col-lg-12 including push, pull and offset
versions: col-(xs-lg)-[(push|pull|offset)-](1-12)
  • hidden classes for all breakpoints: hidden-(xs-lg|print)
  • visible classes for all breakpoints and display values:
  • visible-(xs-lg|print) are also included but they are deprecated as of
Bootstrap v3.2.0 and should not be used.

How do I build this?

Install dependencies
$ npm install
Run build
$ npm run build
grid.css and the minified grid.min.css are generated.