UMD module for helper functions used as utilities in bootstrap-styled

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bootstrap-styled-utils are utils function used in our bootstrap-styled components.
build status coverage report
build status coverage report

Table of Contents

- Installation - Changelog - Utilities - Quick start - License


npm install bootstrap-styled-utils --save


- View Changelog


- obj unitUtils
- const `UNIT`: `{ EM, REM, PX, PERCENT }`: constants
- obj `math`: `{ addition, subtract, multiply, divide }`: math operation
- fn `detectUnit`: detect the unit of a value
- fn `rmUnit`: remove the unit from a value
- fn `toPercent`: convert to percentage
- fn parseTransition: return a transitionList [{ property, duration, timingFunction, delay }] from a css transition rule. - fn toHashCode: return a hash code. - fn getTetherAttachment: return attachment { attachment, tragetAttachment } from position. - Array tetherAttachements : list of tether position. - fn getScrollbarWidth: get the width of the scrollbar. - fn setScrollbarWidth: set the width of the scrollbar to the body style. - fn isBodyOverflowing: return true if body is overflowing. - fn getOriginalBodyPadding: return original body padding. - fn conditionallyUpdateScrollbar: fix scrollbar depending on navbar classes.

Quick start

Clone project
git clone ssh://
Install dependencies
npm install
Build project
npm run build
Run unit test

    npm test
Watch unit test

    npm run test:watch
Watch the /dist directory
npm run build:dist:watch
Watch the /lib directory
npm run build:lib:watch
master is used to release the version.
  • master only accept merge requests from dev

dev is the development branch. It should be used by developers for applying their merge requests.
If you wish to implement new features, you will need to do a merge request including your change on the dev branch.
git checkout dev
git checkout $(whoami)-dev
git push -u origin $(whoami)-dev 
You can now start working on your branch.


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © 2017-present Yeutech Company Limited.
See LICENSE for more information.