Timepicker widget for Twitter Bootstrap

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Timepicker for Twitter Bootstrap
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A simple timepicker component for Twitter Bootstrap.
Please take a look at the and the issues tab for issues we're working on and their relative priorities.
This project is registered as a Bower package, and can be installed with the following command:
bower install bootstrap-timepicker

You can also download our latest release (and any previous release) here.
Demos & Documentation
View demos & documentation.
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  1. Install NodeJS and Node Package Manager.

  1. Install packages

npm install

  1. Use Bower to get the dev dependencies.

```bash bower install
4. Use <a href="">Grunt</a> to run tests, compress assets, etc. 

grunt test // run jshint and jasmine tests
grunt watch // run jsHint and Jasmine tests whenever a file is changed
grunt compile // minify the js and css files

  • Please make it easy on me by covering any new features or issues
with Jasmine tests.
  • If your changes need documentation, please take the time to update the docs.
Thanks to everyone who have given feedback and submitted pull requests. A list of all the contributors can be found here.
Special thanks to @eternicode and his Twitter Datepicker for inspiration.