A command-line tool for locking, unlocking, and validating bower files

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bower-locker is a node command line tool for providing "pseudo"-locking capability for a project leveraging bower.
Bower doesn't inherently provide a locking mechanism (see
Bower does allow you to specify a specific version or commit for a given dependency, and a way to specify how you would like to resolve any conflicts (i.e., within the resolutions block). This can be effective but it is tedious to do manually to both "lock" the versions, and the "unlock" the versions to get newer updates.
bower-locker simply automates that process to make it easier to "unlock" and "lock" that bower file. It also provides a way to validate that the files installed after a bower install match the desired "locked" versions.

How does it work?

bower-locker reads through all of the subfolders of the bower_components directory to examine each components .bower.json where it extracts information pertinent to the release that is currently being used.
It then generates a new bower.json (saving a copy of the original as bower-locker.bower.json) where it defines each direct and indirect dependency (i.e., all components currently in the bower_components directory) with an exact commit id, under the dependencies block and adds an entry for each in the resolutions block in the event that any of them tries to load a conflicting dependency version.
Both the new bower.json and the original (saved as bower-locker.bower.json) can then be uploaded to your source code repo.
Anybody pulling down the project, will be able to run bower install normally and they should get the exact versions of the components previously used. The locked bower.json also has the nice property of making it easy to see when dependent script versions have changed over the course of commits as the version number and commit id will show being updated. An unlocked bower.json only shows changes when the version ranges are updated.
To validate that intended versions were installed, run bower-locker validate. It will again compare the downloaded components with the bower.json file.
To update the versions used, simply run bower-locker unlock to return to the original bower.json. Update the bower config as desired including running bower install. When done, just run bower-locker lock again to lock in that new version.


Install the bower-locker module globally:
npm install bower-locker -g

This will install a global command of bower-locker.



bower-locker lock 
Expects to run from within a folder that contains a bower.json and a ./bower_components/ folder.
If there is no bower_components folder yet, just run bower install first to generate it.
It should save a copy of bower.json as bower-locker.bower.json and then change bower.json to be a "locked" version with an additional "bowerLocker" section.
The "bowerLocker" property object that contains the "lastUpdated" timestamp for when the locked version was generated. It also contains a "versions" property object within "bowerLocker" which records the versions that were locked in as a version number to more easily know what version we are using for each dependency.
Using the -v flag will output the bower dependency versions that are being locked.


bower-locker unlock 
Expects to run from within a folder that contains a bower.json and a bower-locker.bower.json.file.
It will check that bower.json is a locked bower file. If so, it will simply replace bower.json with bower-locker.bower.json.
Use this command to unlock the bower file for manual updates and edits. When done updating and editing the bower.json or the bower_components folder, run bower-locker lock to relock it.


bower-locker validate 
Expects to run from within a folder that contains a bower.json and a ./bower_components/ folder.
It will check that bower.json is a locked bower file. If so, it will check through all bower_components metadata and compare the components found there with the locked versions within bower.json.
It will report and new or missing components, and any version differences.
Run validate to make sure that all bower_components were installed as expected.


bower-locker status 
Expects to run from within a folder that contains a bower.json.
It will report whether or not the bower.json is a locked bower file, and the time it was locked.
Using the -v flag will also output the locked bower dependency versions.