Sentry transport + formatter for the Bristol logger

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Sentry transport + formatter for Bristol
npm version Dependency Status devDependency Status Build Status Coverage Status Code Climate Bristol transport + formatter to send events and errors to Sentry.


You will need to install this package, as well as raven, which is the Sentry node.js client. ``` npm install --save bristol-sentry raven bristol ```

Getting started

```js const bristol = require('bristol'); const raven = require('raven'); const bristolSentry = require('bristol-sentry'); const target = bristolSentry({ client: new raven.Client('') }); // Add as a target with the included formatter. bristol.addTarget(target).withFormatter(bristolSentry.formatter); // Try it out bristol.debug('here come dat boi');'watch him rollin watch him go'); bristol.warn('he be rollin', { rollinWhere: 'down the street' }); bristol.error(new Error('o shit waddup')); ```
IMPORTANT! Sentry differentiates between errors and messages. An attempt to log an Error object will trigger a captureException, whereas anything else triggers a captureMessage.
Since captureException does not store any message other than the one from the error, bristol-sentry will prepend the message (if any) to the extra array.


You will need a Sentry DSN to run the tests! Sign up for an account at Sentry. You can either add it to your own environment (SENTRY_DSN), or you can create an env.yaml in the repository root, and add the following: ```yaml test: SENTRYDSN: ``` Usefull npm run scripts:
  • npm run test: Runs tests once
  • npm run test-watch: Runs tests in watch-mode
  • npm run lint: Lints the code once
  • npm run lint-watch: Lints the code in watch-mode
  • npm run cover: Runs code coverage using istanbul
  • npm run coveralls: Used by coveralls
Jeff Hansen - @Jeffijoe