A utility for bridging dependencies between Broccoli nodes

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A utility for bridging dependencies between Broccoli nodes, even if they aren't necessarily available at the time of instantiation.


Suppose you have two Broccoli plugins, A and B, that may be instantiated in any order in different areas of code, but A depends on the output of B.
const BroccoliBridge = require('broccoli-bridge');

// Stash your bridge instance somewhere central for later access
let bridge = new BroccoliBridge();

// Create your `PluginA` instance using a placeholder...
let a = new PluginA([

// ...and then fill in that placeholder with the actual `PluginB` instance at any time before the build starts.
let b = new PluginB([inputTwo, inputThree]);
bridge.fulfill('plugin-b', b);


  • bridge.placeholderFor(name): returns a placeholder Broccoli node that will ultimately produce the content given by the node it's fulfilled with
  • bridge.fulfill(name, node): designates a Broccoli node to provide content for any placeholder(s) with the given name

Note that placeholderFor(name) may be called before or after name has already been fulfilled without impacting behavior.


This package relies on an internal detail of the Broccoli Plugin API, and may in principle break at any time.