extracts cldr data to a broccoli directory

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Broccoli plugin for writing results of formatjs-extract-cldr-data to a broccoli node grouped by language.
var extract = require('broccoli-cldr-data');

extract(inputNode, {
  locales: ['fr-ca', 'en-ca'], /* defaults to all locales */
  moduleType: 'commonjs', /* options: commonjs, es6 */
  pluralRules: true, /* defaults to true */
  relativeFields: true /* defaults to false */

// en.js
module.exports = [
{"locale":"en","pluralRuleFunction":function (n,ord){var s=String(n).split("."),v0=!s[1],t0=Number(s[0])==n,n10=t0&&s[0].slice(-1),n100=t0&&s[0].slice(-2);if(ord)return n10==1&&n100!=11?"one":n10==2&&n100!=12?"two":n10==3&&n100!=13?"few":"other";return n==1&&v0?"one":"other"}}];

// fr.js
module.exports = [
{"locale":"fr","pluralRuleFunction":function (n,ord){if(ord)return n==1?"one":"other";return n>=0&&n<2?"one":"other"}}


This software is free to use under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.
The underlying formatjs-extract-cldr-data is licensed under the Yahoo Inc. BSD license. See the FormatJS license files for their license text and copyright information.
The CLDR data contained in this packaged is licensed under the Apache, ICU, and Unicode licenses. See the CLDR license files for their license text and copyright information.