Broccoli plugin for linting typescript files.

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Broccoli TSLinter npm version
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Broccoli plugin for linting typescript files. Uses tslint to lint the files.


npm install broccoli-tslinter


Please ensure that the TypeScript source files compile correctly before running the linter.
var TSLint = require('broccoli-tslinter');

// someNode is a broccoli node or a string representing a folder containing all .ts files
var node = new TSLint(someNode);


new TSLint(someNode, options)

options.configuration {String}
Specify the path for the lint configuration file containing all the rules described here
Default: uses the file tslint.json (in the root directory of your project)
options.outputFile {String}
Specify the path of the file where the detailed linting results will be present.
Default: lint-test.js
options.failBuild {true|false}
Should we fail the build if there are linting errors?
Default: false
options.disableTestGenerator {true|false}
Disable generating tests for each file linted
Default: false
options.testGenerator {Function|String}
The function used to generate test modules. You can provide a custom function for your client side testing framework of choice.
The function receives the following arguments:
  • relativePath - The relative path to the file being tested.
  • passed - If the linting passed (true/false)
  • errors - A generated string of errors found.

You can also provide a string to use one of the predefined test generators. Currently qunit and mocha are supported.
Default generates QUnit style tests.
options.annotation {String}
A human-readable description for this plugin instance.
Default: undefined


Update the version in package.json
npm install
npm run test


This project is distributed under the MIT license.