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Brunch Skeletons Build Status
This is a registry of Brunch skeletons. Human-readable version:

Adding your skeleton

Simply edit skeletons.json file and add a new entry to the top of the file, but below official Brunch skeletons:
  "title": "Brunch with Exim",
  "url": "hellyeahllc/with-exim",
  "alias": "exim",
  "technologies": "Babel, ES6, React, Exim",
  "description": "Very useful for Cordova apps. A simple skeleton that uses HTML5 boilerplate, React and Exim framework."

  • Title — Simple and concise title of your skeleton.
  • URL — Git URL. For GitHub repos, can be shortened to user/repo.
  • Alias — a short alias, so users would be able to use brunch new -s alias instead of specifying full Git URL.